Italian Conservatoires do not operate a campus system as commonly found in English-speaking countries, but as a well-established university town, and given the receptivity related to the remarkable artistic and cultural heritage patrimony, Mantua offers plenty of housing possibilities for students.

Usually students find an apartment to share with other Italian or foreign colleagues. The monthly rental fee for a bedroom is around 200 euros. In general, these prices do not include gas, telephone and electricity bills nor the individual share of general expenses for the building's maintenance. In the majority of cases, landlords require a deposit of two month's rent. This deposit will be given back at the expiration of the contract.

It is good to keep in mind that it is the student's responsibility to find an accommodation for the period of their studies.

We suggest you reserve a room in a hostel for the first days of your stay so as to have time to choose an accommodation according to your preferences.

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