Students from EU/EEA countries have access to health insurance with the European Health Insurance Card.

Please ask at your national health insurance how to obtain this card. In most cases your national health insurance card corresponds to your European Health Insurance Card.

This card entitles the holder to any medical assistance that might become necessary during a temporary stay (but cannot be used for private sector health care providers). You will bear the same costs for your treatment as an Italian citizen.

For more information on European Health Insurance Card clic here

Non-EU students can apply for voluntary registration with the SSN (National Health Service) and obtain an European Health Insurance Card that has the same duration as the residence permit.

To register with the Italian National Health Service, non-EU students must apply to the ASL office, presenting a personal identity document, residence permit and self-certification of residence. The registration cost for the current year is € 149,77.

Download the Guide to the National Health Service by Foreign Citizens, available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Romanian, Ukcranian

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