The mission of the Music Conservatory of Mantova is to provide specialized formation in music, aimed to training artistic, cultural and personal development of its students from a professional point of view. The training plan is articulated not only in performing activities, but also in areas related to the history of music, musical analysis, information technology, foreign language, literature... The care of the artistic dimension produces specific skills, along with an incomparable flexibility to interact in not strictly musical professional fields, being able to indirectly provide skills in team work (daily trained through the practice of ensemble music), concentration (trained thanks to a type of study that requires great dexterity and precision) and sensitivity inevitably improved through attention to details, which is essential to produce expressive and artistically interesting performances.
Our Institute offers, to an audience of over 350 students, courses of wind instruments, string or plucked instruments, keyboards or percussions, singing, composition and jazz, articulated in the academic and pre-academic range. To feed the demand for music in childhood, also organizes introductory music for a hundred primary school children.
With the A. Y. 2010/11 the Reformation of the Institutes belonging to the Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance (AFAM), dated 1999, finally came into order and then the Conservatory of Mantova releases Academic Diplomas of 1st and 2nd cycle and can activate Master and PhD programs. These degrees are recognized at European level, representing the conclusion of cycles structured according to the ECTS credit system and provide students with a consistent musical education, which embraces different sectors of artistic disciplines.
The Conservatory Campiani adheres to Alma Laurea from 2012. In order to promote work opportunities for its students, has ongoing contacts with Orchestras and Fundations producing stages reserved to students and graduates. Again with reference to the professional employments, many students are already carrying out teaching activities in many public and private schools, even outside the province of Mantua.
Since 2007, the Campiani is in possession of an Erasmus University Charter, which provides the ability to enable relationships with European Institutions of the same level (at the time 25 bilateral agreements with as many Institutes were signed). In this context, our students can achieve periods of study abroad, activating important contacts with foreign educational and professional entities. The same type of mobility is possible for our teachers who, through these exchanges, can offer their expertise in different educational areas. The number of foreign students (from Europe, Asia and America ) that are studying in our Institute is steady raising.
In addition to the didactic activity, the Conservatory of Mantova is engaged in the artistic production, with over one hundred of annual events including concerts, conferences and performances in the city and the surrounding area, also in cooperation with other musical institutes.
Equally important is the musical research that has led our school to carry out various projects of musicians from Mantova (for instance the one dedicated to Luigi Gatti, composer lived at the time of Mozart in Salzburg) and others (the most recent is the one on the figure of Alessandro Rolla). These projects are joined with recording productions, implemented through the work of our well equipped and qualified recording laboratory, with labels such as Brilliant Classics and Dynamic.


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